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September 21, 2012

It is play-like time in the "indispensible nation"

From the Halls of Montezuma, take one:

Let's play-like we care about international law and respect for other peoples.

Libya has oil but we care only for humanity and progress; when trouble is reported we must apply our "indispensibleness".

A play-like "no-fly" zone is established from which we bomb Libya (a Lord of the Fly Zone, perhaps).

Let's play-like we have a neutral arms embargo and then arm the side we favor, to make havoc and death more efficient...and rewarding.

Let's play like we know what a "diplomat" is and deliver said diplomat into the rebel stronghold of a sovereign country. Supply him with armored vehicles and muscular commando types (great photo-ops); let's play-like he's a sage adviser to democratic aspirants.

When the mayhem ends we play-like we don't hear about the lynched Africans. We play-like they were mercenaries. Our play-like media practice their concerned expressions. We'll get back to that following the Hilary/Sarkozy triumphal dash.

In following scenes we play-like proper elections take place. In our play-like system the Saudi and Qatari absolute monarchies will finance the competing parties; guns and gangs will add local color. We play-like democracy depends on the money absolute monarchs. A woman will offer an ink-stained finger to the world. Uncle Indispensible was here.

And let's play-like a house in Benghazi is a consulate (or when excited say "embassy"). And when unknown armed men attack our play-like sort of official house... we can play-like we're surprised. And then we can sort out the locals as much as we want, and it won't be play-like.

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