Taylor-Report.com - ISIS is AmericaISIS is America
August 24, 2014

ISIS is America's Trojan Wahobby horse to attack Syria.

The strategic goal of the U.S. in the mideast has been and remains the removal of the regional nay-saying states of Iran and Syria, and the Lebanese resistance group Hizbullah.

Mad Jihadists have been a tactical weapon of western powers for years on end. They burned and lynched Africans in Libya, they carry out vicious attacks in Iraq. In Syria they have blown up churches and mosques, raped, eaten human flesh...and throughout the U.S. and its allies have said tut, tut, but the weapons and volunteers continue to flow across the Turkish border and the funds from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Today the Jihadists, who take their ideology from the Wahabi state rulers of Saudi Arabia, have declared themselves a Caliphate. The U.S. and friends feign surprise and even use this news as an excuse to "return" to Iraq, though they had never been away.

What's the game? The game is to intervene in Syria in the guise of pursuing Jihadists. Syria will then either have to accept the "humanitarian" intrusion of American planes and tanks or defend its sovereignty. These Caliphate jihadis, make a convenient stalking horse.

One year ago America was on the brink of bombing Damascus to aid and abet the mercenary-jihadist forces in the destruction of Syrian society. Russia at the UN and the British Parliament undermined the assault. Now the Dr. Strangelove clan have a new devilish plan: they will work their way through the back door of Syria by chasing the ISIS Caliphate from Iraq. The excuse will be the need to finish the war on Islamic terror. No one opposed to neo-colonialism should be fooled.

All the recent chatter about nuclear compromise with Tehran, Benghazi, the "shock" of beheadings are mere eye-wash. The U.S., the Israelis, and their royal friends in the Gulf are remain focused on regime change in Iran and Syria and the removal of all resistance to imperialism in the mideast.