Taylor-Report.com - America's target is Syria, not ISIS.America's target is Syria, not ISIS.
September 06, 2014

Syria has always been Washington's target because it is a sovereign government which, together with Iran and Hizbollah of Lebanon, stands in the way of U.S.-Israeli full spectrum dominance of the mid-east.

Many in the west who are nominally anti war/anti colonial actually share the imperial assumptions of the State Department and indulge themselves in parsing the nomenclature of the Wahobbyhorse jihadis. Or, like Patrick Coburn, they pretend matters are out of control, blowing-back and Obama is surprised or
incompetent. Coburn has that old Blimpish conceit that his American cousins are befuddled. They are not befuddled. They and their Paris and London flunkies have been knocking down governments like they're ten-pins, while he has held down his cushy corner by tut-tutting everyone's stupidity.

America has a plan. They intend to do to Syria what they have done to Iraq and Libya. ISIS can be used as an excuse for entry into Syrian airspace, especially in the Northeast. There would be little outcry from the false anti-imperialist crowd because of prejudice against Damascus and Tehran and of course Moscow. A cautionary example of reckless prejudice was George Galloway's initial enthusiasm for Libyan "freedom fighters" who turned out to be what they appeared to be, Yankee sucks (and, yes, Billy-Bob racist crazy).

But intervention in Libya caused a "mess" some argue. Yes, an American mess; they broke it and they own it. They fly over it and sail up to it and take what profit can be taken from it, having had the previous proprietor stabbed and shot to death. Same with Iraq. The skies belong to the great uncle from abroad, everybody else walks. After many long years of hell-for-leatherneck American incursions/expeditions around the globe, how can anyone believe that the goal is "stability"? All the evidence is to the contrary. America doesn't mind a mess or confusion, so long as it is power provides the only answer.

As Colon Powell put it, America has a tool-box for regime change. Before Bush 2 went for the knockout of Baghdad, his dad and Clinton had starved the Iraqis, created no-fly zones (American fly zones) over North and South Iraq and had
regularly bombed and strafed those zones. The operative word was "degrade". Iraq was ground down, the way a bull is beaten on before being thrust into the ring for toying and execution. Hillary will show us the ears.

Syria has been fighting mercenaries who strut under the disguise of Wahabi ideology and are well-paid by Qatari and Saudi money. Arms and fighters are shipped into Syria via Turkey and Jordan, all clearly coordinated by U.S. intelligence personnel and about which there is no shortage of verification and sometimes boasting.

The Assad government has won popular support by beating back these mercenaries. But Obama, spokesman for the Exceptional and indispensable Homeland Caliphate, has declared that President Assad must go. There is no appeal. And writers for such as the Guardian and Washington Post, sniff and nod that of course this Arab fellow is unworthy of our enlightened company.

When Assad speaks of sovereignty, saying American planes entering Syrian airspace without permission would be viewed as aggression, this point is smirked at and ignored as of no concern by Obama and the commentariat. Instead of addressing the matter of Syrian sovereignty, which across the political spectrum of the West is of no interest, we are invited instead to marvel and oggle over the latest "high quality" snuff films from ISIS and what they "tell us". America’s good friends the Saudis behead people (including foreigners) on a regular basis but American sensibilities are spared this news and the photos of course.

There must be a defense of the right of nations (Syria in this case) to self-determination and sovereignty and an insistance that the great Homeland Caliphate of Indispensible Exceptionalism obey international law like everyone else. Unless that fight is waged, and it is a matter of principle benefiting all nations, the ISIS "crisis" will become an American highway to Damascus.

We don't want to see again Western pundits standing among the ruins of another regime change and announcing it all such "folly". If we do not say that Syria is a sovereign country with the right to defend itself against aggression then the folly is ours.