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America's target is Syria, not ISIS.

September 6th, 2014

Syria has always been Washington's target because it is a sovereign government which, together with Iran and Hizbollah of Lebanon, stands in the way of U.S.-Israeli full spectrum dominance of the mid-east.

Many in the west who are nominally anti war/anti colonial actually share the imperial assumptions of the State Department and indulge themselves in parsing the nomenclature of the Wahobbyhorse jihadis. Or, like Patrick Coburn, they pretend matters are out of control, blowing-back and Obama is surprised or
incompetent. Coburn has that old Blimpish conceit that his American cousins are befuddled. They are not befuddled. They and their Paris and London flunkies have been knocking down governments like they're ten-pins, while he has held down his cushy corner by tut-tu ...

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ISIS is America

August 24th, 2014

ISIS is America's Trojan Wahobby horse to attack Syria.

The strategic goal of the U.S. in the mideast has been and remains the removal of the regional nay-saying states of Iran and Syria, and the Lebanese resistance group Hizbullah.

Mad Jihadists have been a tactical weapon of western powers for years on end. They burned and lynched Africans in Libya, they carry out vicious attacks in Iraq. In Syria they have blown up churches and mosques, raped, eaten human flesh...and throughout the U.S. and its allies have said tut, tut, but the weapons and volunteers continue to flow across the Turkish border and the funds from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Today the Jihadists, who take their ideology from the Wahabi state rulers of Saudi Arabia, have declared the ...

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Canada's Glass House and Quebec's Charter Debate

Robin Philpot
September 15th, 2013

The worst aspect of the Quebec's Charter debate is the smug, self-righteous, paternalist, finger wagging of English Canada and the English media in Quebec. Canadians don't realize that they live in a glass house and throwing stones can be dangerous. Self-examination and self-criticism might show that English Canada is a major part of the problem.

Canada has consistently and unanimously refused to accommodate Quebec's reasonable demands for respect and recognition for more than 50 years now. Never once has it looked back and questioned its self-appointed moral superiority. For instance, it did not hesitate to promote and then lionize its chosen French Canadian leader and send him into the fray to do the dirty work, which has included proclaiming War Measures in time of peace ...

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Stop war threats against Syria

September 2nd, 2013

Obama was going to draw a red line across the throat of Syria. But, for the moment, the Go-it-alone ranger is having 2nd thoughts or perhaps 1st thoughts. The British Parliament nixed their Prime Minister's intention to attack Syria. The last time Parliament did that it was to end Lord North's desire to continue the war against American colonists who were thought to be lawless and uncivilized. Instead his Britannic Majesty settled for a new Prime Minister and the Treaty of Paris.

Syria is a sovereign state and cannot be faulted in its response to Washington. Obama, in line with recent predecessors, has defined America as the "indispensible" nation, an adolescent notion to dignify bullying. According to the doctrine of U.S. superiority the Syrian nation has no rights whic ...

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Syria is on the front line against western sponsored terrorism.

July 17th, 2013

Only weeks ago President of Egypt Mursi attended a rally of religious sectarians calling for the overthrow of Syria's government in the name of a particular school of Islam, wishing the curse of civil war on a sovereign state. Such wild talk should have been the reason to remove him.

He waved the flag of the sectarians and urged young Egyptians to join the mercenary brigades financed by the Western powers and petroleum potentates. Mursi went further, he respectfully asked/begged the masters of western capital to seize Syrian airspace to enable the destruction of the Syrian Republic. O brotherhood leader Mursi did all this at the bidding of Qatar's absolute rulers, they had financed his (money takes all) election. But on the road to Damascus there came a problem.
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