Taylor-Report.com - May 2006

May 2006

May 29th, 2006 : mp3 file not currently online

Zafar Bangash decries the recent media attacks on Iran. Robin Philpot - Jane Jacobs' case for Quebec. Tiphaine Dickson talks about a Rwanda expert who was not allowed to testify at the ICTR.

Featured Guest(s):
Zafar Bangash, Robin Philpot, Tiphaine Dickson,

Muslimedia International
Barrie Collins: In the waiting room of the Rwandan genocide tribunal

May 22nd, 2006: - Listen | Download

Behind the veil of 'justice for Africa' - a more honest take on the arrest and trial of Charles Taylor. Canada is not a nice place to visit if you're a francophone diplomat.

Featured Guest(s):
Baffour Ankomah - the arrest and trial of Charles Taylor, Robin Philpot - customs officials insult foreign dignitaries. ,

"Let it not be said that they dragged Taylor to court because they wanted justice for Africans." Baffour Ankomah, editor of New African, analyses Western abuse of UN tribunal.

Canada should apologize for the frisk search on former Senegalese President - Robin Philpot comments on a story Canada's media has buried.

May 15th, 2006: - Listen | Download

The 'life and politics' of Ruari O'Bradaigh - an interview with biographer Robert White. Peter Erlinder shares evidence that RPF assasinated the Rwandan President and initiated the war in Rwanda.

Featured Guest(s):
Robert W. White, Peter Erlinder,

"The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary", Robert W. White talks about his biography of Ruairi O Bradaigh.

RPF Assasinated President and Initiated War in Rwanda: Defence lawyer, Peter Erlinder, details the evidence.

May 8th, 2006 : mp3 file not currently online

Dave Zirin on America's extraodinary May Day. Willie Lambert wants to get CAW back on track.

Featured Guest(s):
Dave Zirin - America's extraordinary May Day, Willie Lambert wants to get CAW back on track,


May 1st, 2006 : mp3 file not currently online

Immigrant Workers Make a May Day Call for Justice. An interview with Martha Ugarte at the U.S.-Mexico border

Featured Guest(s):
Martha Ugarte - immigrant May Day resistance,

'Nuestro Himno' at NPR - includes lyrics and a link to the anthem