Taylor-Report.com - March 2010

March 2010

March 29th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Ronald Poulton, author of Pale Blue Hope, Death and Life in Asian Peacekeeping.

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Ronald Poulton,

March 22nd, 2010: - Listen | Download

Kevin O'Halloran speaks about the massacre at Kibeho Camp in Rwanda. Peter Leibovitch on the Vale-Inco strike in Sudbury.

Featured Guest(s):
Kevin O'Halloran, Peter Leibovitch,

We speak with Kevin O'Halloran, Australian soldier and author of Pure Massacre. O'Halloran describes the notorious killing of Hutu refugees by RPF soldiers at the Kibeho Camp in Rwanda. Sgt. O'Halloran's book may be obtained from www.bigskypublishing.com.au

Peter Leibovitch of the Steelworkers Union spoke to us from a rally to support Vale-Inco strikers in Sudbury.


March 15th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas Mountain unmasks the role of human rights groups in Africa. Mostafa Henaway describes Israeli Apartheid Week success in Quebec.

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Thomas Mountain, Mostafa Henaway,

March 8th, 2010: - Listen | Download

Tom Power: Why does terrorist Posada walk free in Florida? Thomas C. Mountain: The dirty story of the diversion of humanitarian aid in Africa.

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Tom Power, Thomas Mountain,


March 1st, 2010: - Listen | Download

Thomas C. Mountain reports on Eritrea's successful work in combating malaria and AIDS. Yves Engler talks about his timely new book, Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid.

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas Mountain, Yves Engler,