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February 2015

February 23rd, 2015: - Listen | Download

The murder of Patrick Karegeya haunts the Kagame regime. Roger Auque, mainstream reporter, spy for Mossad and CIA

Featured Guest(s):
Portia Karegeya, Robin Philpot,

Portia Karegeya remembers her father, an RPF leader who broke with Rwanda's repressive system. Portia explains the political circumstances that slow the search for justice, but she is confident that the killers will be brought to justice and that the Kagame gang will be removed. A South African court has convicted Rwandan agents in the attempted murder of Gen. Nyamwasa, a sign of hopeful change in Africa.

In posthumous memoir Auque wrote candidly about his work for Israeli and American intelligence, saying he needed the money to maintain his lifestyle. Robin Philpot points out that none of the media outlets (CBC, LaPresse, e.g.) have felt the need to comment. He had used their credentials to acquire information for various intelligence agencies. "If they say nothing, why should they ever be trusted?"

February 16th, 2015: - Listen | Download

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February 9th, 2015: - Listen | Download

Paul Rusesabagina's indictment of Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame. Commemorating Black History Month: Nina Simone, Musician and Civil Rights Activist Extraordinaire

Featured Guest(s):
Paul Rusesabagina,

Paul Rusesabagina, the humanitarian Rwandan hotel manager who hid and protected 1,268 Hutu and Tutsi refugees during the Rwandan Genocide in April 7 - mid-July of 1994, author of An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography

Paul Ruseabagina describes Rwanda's President Kagame as a brutal dictator who has created human rights abuses all over the country. He does not want to lose his presidential immunity and face international indictments against him, nor does he want to face a new president -- which might be why Kagame has indicated he might violate the Rwanda Constitution and run for another term (another fake election).

Ruseabagina emphatically states the the economic miracle performance picture that Kagame paints is false.

Kagame has total impunity to lie, forge more wars in the Congo, assassinate both former friends and foes who fled to other countries, imprison thousands, including Victoire Ingabire who has the courage to return to Rwanda in 2010 and run for president.

In commemoration of Black History Month, Phil Taylor plays Nina Simone's Mississippi Goddamn, an inspiring song Nina wrote in response to the 1963 assassination of Medgar Evers and the Birmingham church bombing that killed four young African-American girls.

Phil Taylor gives an interesting background of Simone--from her birth in February of 1933, to her parents discovery of her talent, to her first recital where she refused to perform if her parents were removed from the front row, to her studies at Julliard to her participation in the civil rights movement which she considered an historical "watershed" moment and to her death in 2003.

Taylor turns to the new film Selma and contrasts the political and humanitarian significance of Selma to the political anti-humanitarian film The American Sniper, about the life of real life sniper Chris Kyle.

Taylor points out that MLK was martyered by a sniper who deprived humanity of a great leader, while Chris Kyle was an American sniper in Iraq who deprived humanity of their civil liberties, human rights, culture and life. MLK represented life and hope.

February 2nd, 2015: - Listen | Download

Saudi Oil and US hypocrisy. Yemen rebellion challenges US-Saudi power.

Featured Guest(s):
Sara Flounders, Zafar Bangash,

Flounders explains: The entire political brass of the US and of other countries going to Saudi Arabia to show "respect" for the deceased King Abdullah and to meet with the new King Salman shows there will be NO change in the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia nor with the parasitic relationship with the population as a whole.

Flounders connects the royal Saudi family to the US policy since WWII. The Saudi family completely owns the oil and the people, who have no human rights, can be flogged, stoned, tortured to death and beheaded for simply making a comment on a blog.

Saudi oil money is held in the Western banks, esp. the US banks. The money is held in the Saudi name, but if there were an upheaval, the money would remain in the US banks. So, who needs whom the most?

The Saudi family funds reactionary forces to insure plausible denial for the US involvement (such as Saudi funding contras in Nicaragua under the Reagan regime.)

Zafar Bangash and Phil Taylor discuss (1) the current events in the Mid-East, especially in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria (2) the manipulation of the oil price and (3) the recent exchange of fire between Israel and Hezbollah.

Saudi Arabia: In addition to the political brass, all the weapons manufacturers were in Saudi Arabia to attend the funeral of Saudi monarch Abdullah and to greet the new Monarch, King Salman. They want to make sure the Saudi will continue to buy their weapons.

Bangash puts it all together: The Saudis are terrified. They just lost their king and there is a lot of turmoil inside the kingdom due to the Saudi repression. There are 40,000 political prisoners in Saudi Arabia, who are fighting back with their lives for freedoms for the People. The ruling family needs the assurances of the US and other imperialist countries.

Yemen: Bangash provices the history of Yemen and the forced resignations of Yemeni President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi and other officials. He notes the "reform" (Wahhabi based) party, Ansarullah, did NOT go on a rampage and kill, much to the consternation of Saudi Arabia.

Bangash and Phil Taylor discuss manipulation price of oil by the US (and allies). It is a game to show who can do without the longest. Goal is for Americans is to take down Russia and Iran's economy.

Head chopping liver eating "moderates" are supported by Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Kuwait, UAE and Turkey, all buying weapons from the US. This is a sophisticated and expensive operation that defies ISIS statements that they are funding themselves.

Saudi Oil and US Hypocrisy