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June 23rd, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

Obama supports Poroshenko’s attack "on his own people." Author Fred Jerome remembers Ruby Dee, Robeson, DuBois and Communist Party solidarity with black artists

Featured Guest(s):
Rick Rozoff, Fred Jerome

Rick Rozoff of STOP NATO discusses the junta tactics of recently "elected" Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko. This is the largest-scale military activity in the history of Ukraine. It is being conducted against civilian centers. Rozoff also discusses Turkey's role in the current situation in Iraq and Syria.

Everyone is expecting voices to emerge challenging America's visibly lying media and President, but there's only silence. This is decadence in real-time.

Fred Jerome gives a fascinating account of 1950s life with his communist parents, whose apartment was a centre for cultural work for the (often blacklisted) greats such as Paul Robeson, W.E.B Du Bois, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Lorraine Hansberry. Jerome's father was arrested and spent several years in prison. They also discussed Obama's war agenda, unjust immigration policies, drones for "national security" and imperialist wars past/present.

Jerome is author of Einstein on Race and Racism (2005) and The Einstein File: J. Edgar Hoover's Secret War Against the World's Most Famous Scientist (2002).


February 17th, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

"Imagine Living in a Socialist USA." Freeing Victoire Ingabire

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome, Marceline Nduwamungu

Phil interviews Fred Jerome about the provocative book he contributed to, "Imagine Living in a Socialist USA." Jerome is also the author of three groundbreaking works on Albert Einstein.

Phil interviews Marceline Nduwamungu whose organization has taken up the cause of freeing Victoire Ingabire, presidential candidate in Rwanda, from prison in Rwanda. An award is being given this year in Brussels on behalf of the organization.

March 21st, 2011 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Thomas C. Mountain, Bernie Dwyer, Ramsey Clark, Fred Jerome

November 23rd, 2009 : mp3 file not currently online

Fred Jerome, author of Einstein on Israel and Zionism. Brian Gordon Sinclair on performing Hemingway.

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome, Brian Gordon Sinclair

May 25th, 2009 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome

October 24th, 2005 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome, Kike Roach

Phil interviews Fred Jerome, author of The Einstein File, about his latest book, co-written with Rodger Taylor - Einstein On Race and Racism. Fred Jerome talks about Albert Einstein in his role as an activist against racism and the general lack of awareness of this part of Einstein's life by the general public.

In the second half of the program, Toronto lawyer Kike Roach talks about the case of her client, Hassan Almry, who has been held under a Security Certificate for four years. Kike Roach gives us a glimpse of this new world of indefinite detainment without charges, loss of basic human rights, and secret trials.

The Einstein File
Einstein on Race and Racism
Homes not Bombs Home Page

June 13th, 2005 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome, Peter Rosenthal

February 7th, 2005 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Fred Jerome, Dave Zirin

Fred Jerome is the author of "The Einstein File", an acclaimed book about J. Edgar Hoover's harassment and persecution of Albert Einstein. Phil talks to Jerome about his forthcoming book: "Einstein on Race and Racism". This book explores a dimension of Einstein that has not been mentioned in over one hundred biographies - his outspoken activism against US racism, and friendship with African American leaders like Paul Robeson and W.E.B. DuBois. Einstein, who called racism "America's worst disease", was a member of the "American Crusade to End Lynching" that organized a march on Washington in December 1946.

Phil interviews Dave Zirin, author of the recent column "A Miserable Super Sunday". Zirin talks about the Super Bowl being used "to sell a fiction that US troops are fighting for freedom, when they're fighting for oil and empire". They also discuss African American quarterbacks in the NFL - "progress has been made, but not due to the graces of NFL management ... every owner of an NFL team is a caucasian male, or the widow of one - it's the ultimate old boys network".

The Einstein File
A Miserable Super Sunday - EdgeOfSports.com

April 21st, 2003 : mp3 file not currently online

Featured Guest(s):
Michael Quigley, Peter Rosenthal, Fred Jerome

Phil speaks with Michael Quigley about reports that the British Military and British Intelligence had been involved in assassinations of Irish Nationalists. They also briefly discuss the public reaction to the meeting between Tony Blair and George W. Bush in Ireland.

In the second part of the program Phil, Jacob and Peter Rosenthal discuss a recent newspaper article accusing Toronto Police of racial profiling.

Phil also speaks with Fred Jerome, author of "The Einstein Files", about Albert Einstein, his life and his politics.

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