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January 16th, 2006 : mp3 file not currently online

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Ramsey Clark, Itah Sadu, Robin Philpot

Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney-General and leading opponent of the US war on Iraq, speaks about his work on the Saddam Hussein defence team. "This isn't a trial in any true sense. This is a creation of the United States - it still occupies, it still controls. The people with power, with guns are still US. The United States has financed the whole thing to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars ... they've selected, trained the judges, they try to tell them what to do." Clark stated that Hussein is "being tried by people who have participated in a war of aggression, which is, according to the Nuremburg judgement ... the supreme international crime." Clark also reminiscences about his work with Martin Luther King.

Itah Sadu, of "A Different Book List", talks to Phil about a presentation to the Metro Toronto reference library to urge that the black and Caribbean collection be named in honour of Dr. Rita Cox. Rita Cox was an accomplished storyteller, and founder of important community institutions such as the Parkdale Information Centre and Parkdale Reads, as well as being the originator and builder of the collection. Itah Sadu is part of a committee making the presentation, fittingly on Martin Luther King Day, January 16.

Robin Philpot, author of "The Stolen Referendum" and "Rwanda 1994: Colonialism dies hard", published on-line by the Taylor Report, talks about his latest bombshell book "The Secrets of Option Canada" co-written with Quebec investigative journalist Norman Lester. Philpot describes the book's subject matter - "What you have here is a government-created slush fund to defeat a legitimate democratic political movement". Philpot and Lester reveal that millions of dollars was spent secretly and illegally to help the No side win the 1995 referendum. Pierre Pettigrew is one of numerous Liberal government operatives revealed to be implicated. The book has created a stir in Quebec and has led to the appointment of an inquiry.

Robin Philpot's book "Le Référendum volé"

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