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August 11th, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

Mulcair tries to change the channel on Gaza. Injustice in Africa: The ICC pursues only Africans.

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Judy Haiven, David Hoile

Judy Haiven challenges the NDP (New Democratic Party) and its leader, Thomas Mulcair's, support of Israel's brutal bombing of Gaza. Mulcair rationalizes the bombing and then calls for aiding the wounded. He joins with the Liberals to bring wounded children to Canadian hospitals: Humanitarian optics, no political progress.

Haiven supports the right of Palestinians to resist. She argues that the Israeli goal is to take over more Palestinian territory.

Obama hosts the first US Africa Leaders Summit. African leaders want out of the money-manipulated (two-thirds of money from EU), politically-controlled (vote trading/profit making) and mediocre ICC (many of the ‘judges’ have never been judges and some have never even been lawyers). The ICC is an "European legal adventurism" game that Africans want to stop playing.

Should the Palestinians go to the ICC? Dr. Hoile explains why this is not feasible, and examines other possibilities (though limited), such as the World Court.

Mulcair wants to change the channel on Gaza

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