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March 7th, 2005 : mp3 file not currently online

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Scott Richard Lyons, Nick Van der Graaf

Scott Richard Lyons talks to Phil about his critique of the film "Million Dollar Baby", which he refers to as "Million Dollar Bigotry: Demeaning the Poor and Disabled". Lyons castigates the film for promoting the 'death before disability' stereotype of the disabled, as well as going out of its way to reinforce negative stereotypes of welfare recipients. "Hollywood, like any other industry, follows the whim of the market" states Lyons - and it is certainly not dominated by liberals. Lyons draws the connection between Clint Eastwood's role in directing and starring in "Million Dollar Baby", and his testimony before Congress in 2000 lobbying against the 'Americans With Disabilities Act'. You see, Eastwood had been sued because his Mission Ranch hotel in Carmel had failed to comply with the law requiring access for the disabled.

Phil also talks with Nick Van der Graaf of Geospace Planetarium, a non-profit organization that is working to establish a new, modern and 'green' planetarium in Toronto. The McLaughlin Planetarium was closed because of Mike Harris' budget cutting in 1995, and since then Toronto has been one of the few major cities in the world to lack this important institution to help us learn about the stars and humanity's place in the universe.

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