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February 23rd, 2015 : mp3 file not currently online

The murder of Patrick Karegeya haunts the Kagame regime. Roger Auque, mainstream reporter, spy for Mossad and CIA

Featured Guest(s):
Portia Karegeya, Robin Philpot

Portia Karegeya remembers her father, an RPF leader who broke with Rwanda's repressive system. Portia explains the political circumstances that slow the search for justice, but she is confident that the killers will be brought to justice and that the Kagame gang will be removed. A South African court has convicted Rwandan agents in the attempted murder of Gen. Nyamwasa, a sign of hopeful change in Africa.

In posthumous memoir Auque wrote candidly about his work for Israeli and American intelligence, saying he needed the money to maintain his lifestyle. Robin Philpot points out that none of the media outlets (CBC, LaPresse, e.g.) have felt the need to comment. He had used their credentials to acquire information for various intelligence agencies. "If they say nothing, why should they ever be trusted?"

May 5th, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

Karegeya's Daughter Comments on Globe Revelations. How Kagame was given impunity. Is the Kiev government legitimate?

Featured Guest(s):
Portia Karegeya, Tiphaine Dickson

Following a Globe and Mail article detailing her father's assassination, Portia Karegeya describes what she thinks can be done, and also the threats on the lives of other Rwandan leaders who are in exile.

Former lawyer and currently a Political Science instructor Tiphaine Dickson comments on the coverage of the assassination of Patrick Karegaya.

In the second half of the interview, Dickson discusses the legality of Kiev's 'interim government.' According to Ukraine's constitution, the president was not removed properly.

March 10th, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

Rent-a-coup in Venezuela still failing. Portia Karegeya on the assassination of her father, Patrick Karegeya

Featured Guest(s):
Dr. Maria Victor, Portia Karegeya

Professor Emeritus at York University Maria Victor, also of the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle, discusses the latest events in Venezuela.

There have been peaceful demonstrations in Venezuela for fifteen years. Maria Victor knows the difference. "What student demonstrations have you ever heard of where the people are wearing armour, waving guns - handguns and rifles?" Wikileaks lists the opposition groups that Washington directly funded. It's not legal to do that in the United States, and it's not legal in Venezuela.

Portia Karegeya, daughter of an assassinated Rwandan opponent of the current Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

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