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June 15th, 2015 : mp3 file not currently online

Ted Schmidt and Claude Lacaille: Seeing Life from the Role of the Oppressed. Challenges to Rwandan Foreign Refugees' Integration in Zambia.

Featured Guest(s):
Ted Schmidt, Bishop John Osmers

Ted Schmidt discusses Claude Lacaille's recently released book, Rebel Priest in the Time of Tyrants, Mission to Haiti, Ecuador and Chile and asserts that Lacaille brings back into focus the importance of seeing life from the role of the oppressed people and that deserting Vatican II was a betrayal of a moral mission to serve the masses, especially the oppressed.

Schmidt praises Pope Francis, who declared El Salvadoran Archbishop Romero a martyr and who is turning back to the Vactican II mandates based on discussion, inclusion, justice for humanity.

What were the major flaws of Pope John Paul II and Pope Ratzinger? Listen to the show for Schmidt's lucid analysis.

Phil Taylor and Phil Conlon track the third flotilla to Gaza mission in progress.

Phil Taylor comments on the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta (June 15, 1215), in which the barons demanded certain rights (legal, political, financial, religious) and which inspired the masses to fight a long unending struggle for the same rights.

Taylor decries how we have lost respect for Habeas Corpus (bringing the body to court to hear charges and to be heard) and emphasizes that the fight for human rights is not a linear process (chapter by chapter) but that we have to continually fight to renew lost rights.

Bishop John Osmers testifies to the plight of the Rwandans who have lost their refugee status in Zambia and on whom Rwandan President Kagame is trying to force repatriation.

Osmers and Phil Taylor discuss why the Rwandan refugees in Zambia lost their refugee status in Zambia June of 2013, Rwanda's offer for repatriation of these ex-refugees, why the Rwandans in Zambia are afriad to repatriate (obvious fear of Kagame's retaliatory brutal regime), the recent meetings between the Rwanda government, the Zambian government and the UN High Commission on Refugees.

The clincher is: Removal of the former refugee status not only creates stiff limitations on freedom of movement in Zambia but it also disqualifies the Rwandans for UNHCR support for services such as health and education needs and consideration for resettlement programs.


September 8th, 2014 : mp3 file not currently online

The Fog of Toronto Politics. The US is targeting Syria and trampling on international law: Where is the opposition? Why Catholic Zionist Changed His World View.

Featured Guest(s):
John Barber, Ted Schmidt

Phil Taylor and John Barber discuss Toronto's mayoral candidates, especially frontrunners current Mayor Rob Ford and challenger John Tory, whose SmartTrack subway TIF (Tax Increment Financing) plan would involve borrowing 3 billion dollars on the gamble that it could be repaid from the increased base of property taxes, a plan that failed in New York where the city is still paying on the interest and the debt remains 3 billion.

Barber expects that voters will use "strategic voting" --translation: "lesser evil" voting.

Barber says the major problem is a lack of money for independent political organizations to influence the vote.

In his commentary on Syria, Phil describes US policies:

1. Removing diplomats and closing Syrian embassies to delegitimize Syria and incite violent opposition.

2. Combining with Turkey and Saudi monarchs to weaponize terrorists, while expressing surprise at their deeds, and using the subsequent chaotic conditions as an excuse to bomb inside Syria.

Schmidt grew up in a strong Jewish neighborhood, became a Catholic Zionist and celebrated the birth of Israel. After the trip to Palestine, Schmidt maintained his love for his Jewish friends, but he also wrapped himself around the plight of the Palestinians and listened to their voices.

Schmidt praises some of the new voices within Judaism speaking out for truth and for justice for the Palestinians --writers such as Israeli Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, and Yoram Binur (author of acclaimed My Enemy, Myself).

John Tory’s SmartTrack doesn’t live up to its name - by John Barber

July 29th, 2013 : mp3 file not currently online

Hiroshima Peace Garden in Toronto + Stop Cop-violence Rally. Former Prime Minister of Rwanda to return

Featured Guest(s):
Ted Schmidt, Jacob Leibovitch

We live in a world of nuclear weapons, and the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can tell us the most about what they can do. For thirty years, those days of infamy have been commemorated on August 6-9th. Ted Schmidt tells us about Toronto's special event this year, and also efforts to revitalize the role of the Catholic church in social justice.

Jacob Leibovitch reports live on the scene from a protest against the police shooting of Sammy Yatim. Phil also describes upcoming events, including one related to "La Question" - Henri Alleg's account of his own torture by France in Algeria.

The former Prime Minister of Rwanda, Faustin Twagiramungu, has announced his intention to return to the country - we find out why.

Twagiramungu lived through the grim violence of 1994 Rwanda and became Prime Minister of the new government. He soon found that the RPF strongman Paul Kagame had no intention of establishing a multiparty democracy or permitting any significant opposition. Twagiramungu, out of concern for his personal safety, went into exile, but has now made the decision to return to Rwanda and resume the fight for justice and democracy.

June 13th, 2011 : mp3 file not currently online

Cynthia McKinney reports on her fact-finding trip to Libya. Ted Schmidt, peace activist and editor of newcatholictimes.org, in support of the Canada Boat to Gaza. Norman Otis Richmond remembers the great Gil Scott Heron.

Featured Guest(s):
Cynthia McKinney, Ted Schmidt, Norman Otis Richmond


December 31st, 1969 : mp3 file not currently online

Interview with Ted Schmidt

Featured Guest(s):
Ted Schmidt

Phil interviews Catholic educator Ted Schmidt on his autobiography, "Never Neutral: A Teaching Life."

Ted's inspiring activism includes becoming the first Canadian teacher to teach about the Holocaust systematically, defending Martin Luther King, opposing war, and engagement in other important struggles for justice.

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